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Full Time Immersion Experience – Spain 2013

mayo 10, 2013

Full Time Immersion Experience 2013

Living with a host family, without any kind of contact with other foreign students,  offers a unique opportunity to experience complete immersion in the Spanish culture and language.

Malaga - Gala Mijas - Gala Paella - Gala

During a set period of time, the student lives with the family just like another family member.

We have a great selection of suitable families for these programs located in various cities around Spain.

Malaga - Gala  2013

It’s a great opportunity to live in a completely Spanish-speaking environment!

Barcelona – Madrid – Malaga – Sevilla – Cordoba


Madrid, the capital of friendliness

abril 28, 2013

Cultural Trips and Immersion Experience in Madrid

The capital of  Spain is also the capital of friendliness. Its animated atmosphere is contagious. Madrid is a city of numerous facets: the Madrid of the Hapsburgs, of the Bourbons, of Goya, of the museums.

Gala - Retiro    Gala - Cibeles

But that’s not all, because from the capital you can take a series of excursions to neighbourhood towns of great tourist interest and a monumental heritage, including El Escorial, Toledo, Segovia and Avila.

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