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Viajes escolares y pedagógicos en Andalucía

septiembre 22, 2014

¡Hola! Ya ha empezado un nuevo curso escolar.

Dentro de poquito recibimos en nuestros diferentes destinos de Andalucía a los primeros grupos de estudiantes.


Una de las actividades que más aprecian es la iniciación al baile flamenco. Una experiencia genial para los alumnos.


Spanish Courses ONE to ONE

mayo 9, 2014

Spanish Courses at the teacher’s home with Gala Internacional

One of our students in Seville

One to One Spanish lessons can be taken at any time of the year

Our families live all over Spain


School trip to Seville for student groups

marzo 6, 2014

Seville, school trip

A good opportunity to know our culture, language and customs.


School trip in Seville for student groups

A very complete program with a cultural and educational activities. Excursion to Cordoba, Cadiz or Granada.

Gastronomy, flamenco music, nature, farmstead and olive mill that produces extra virgin olive oil…

An unforgettable experience!


Spain is different and the South of Spain is special!

Seville – Cordoba – Malaga

Learn Spanish in Spain: full time immersion

enero 30, 2014

Learn Spanish Abroad

Our students in Malaga enjoy the city and they learn Spanish in an amazing atmosphere!

1. Spanish homestay program: staying with a family to experience the customs and culture of a Spanish family.

2. Spanish at the teacher’s home program: ONE to ONE classes

During these stays, the students can do extracurricular activities like flamenco, Spanish guitar, tennis, golf, horseback riding, windsurfing or sailing.

¡Malaga, ciudad genial!


Immersion Experience in Spain

octubre 30, 2013

Full-time immersion experience in Spain

For students interested in getting involved in a extra-curricular activity, we offer a series of options. This is a unique opportunity for students to continue practising their Spanish while doing something the enjoy.

GALA - Piano  GALA - Guitarra

The sports facilities and dance schools we use are meticulously selected by Gala Internacional.

Our proposed  activities include Flamenco lessons, Spanish guitar lessons, tennis coaching, windsurfing, sailing, golf, horseback riding, drawing and painting.

Gala - Tennis

We specialize in designing tailor-made programs using the most reputable centres.

Barcelona – Madrid – Sevilla – Malaga

Spanish at the Teacher’s Home

septiembre 2, 2013

The student lives and learns at the Spanish teacher’s home

Spanish at the Teacher’s Home is a highly exclusive course with private Spanish tuition.

GALA - inmersion GOLF

Golf in Málaga

Courses may be combined with following activities like Tennis, Flamenco, Salsa Dancing and Golf

ONE to ONE and TWO to ONE

Malaga – Seville – Cordoba – Barcelona – Madrid

Discover Spain!

agosto 7, 2013

Gala Internacional

Cultural visits + Lodging in families

The authentic formula for getting to know Spain

Discover Spain GALA

Spanish Courses – Cultural Trips – Dance Courses – Sports

Barcelona – Madrid – Malaga – Sevilla – Cordoba

Cultural Programmes in Spain – Gala Internacional

julio 4, 2013

What kind of activities and services do we organize?

  • Booking visits to museums and monuments
  • Booking recreational activities and trips to theme parks
  • Arranging guided tours of factories, companies, artisan workshops

British Group V GALA  British Group I GALA  British Group IV GALA

  • Typical restaurants and shows
  • Official guides in different languages
  • Transport: modern coaches and public transport tickets
  • Beginners’ classes for different dance forms: flamenco or salsa
  • Spanish cookery classes
  • Spanish language classes

British Group GALA Park

Barcelona – Madrid – Sevilla – Malaga – Cordoba

Spanish at the teacher’s home program

junio 19, 2013

Full Time Immersion Experience

Living with a host family, without any kind of contact with other foreign students, offers a unique opportunity to experience complete immersion in the Spanish culture and language.

GALA Madrid  OnetoOne MaLaga Gala

Spanish at the Teacher’s Home is a highly exclusive course with private Spanish tuition.

The student lives and learns at the Spanish teacher’s home.

OnetoOne GALA GALA Ramblas BCN Jugando Ajedrez GALA

Courses may be combined with following activities like Tennis, Flamenco and Salsa Dancing

ONE to ONE and TWO to ONE

Malaga – Seville – Cordoba – Barcelona – Madrid

Gala Internacional – Feria de Abril de Sevilla

abril 17, 2013

Gala Internacional con el Baile Flamenco

Esta semana hemos recibido diferentes grupos de escolares  que han elegido como actividad una iniciación al baile flamenco en ciudades como Sevilla y Barcelona.

Una semana que coincide con la Feria de Abril de Sevilla, donde se puede disfrutar de un ambiente festivo con buena comida, bebida y bailar sevillanas.

Clase Gala Flam Gala Feria Flamenco Gala Sev 2

Nuestros estudiantes han conocido días de Feria, de  flamenco y un tiempo buenísimo.