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Viajes escolares y pedagógicos en Andalucía

septiembre 22, 2014

¡Hola! Ya ha empezado un nuevo curso escolar.

Dentro de poquito recibimos en nuestros diferentes destinos de Andalucía a los primeros grupos de estudiantes.


Una de las actividades que más aprecian es la iniciación al baile flamenco. Una experiencia genial para los alumnos.


Discover Spain with us!

julio 6, 2014

Gala Internacional, your partner in Spain!


School Trips and Spanish Courses for young students

School trips in Barcelona, Sevilla, Cordoba, Madrid y La Roja


Spanish Courses ONE to ONE

mayo 9, 2014

Spanish Courses at the teacher’s home with Gala Internacional

One of our students in Seville

One to One Spanish lessons can be taken at any time of the year

Our families live all over Spain


School trip to Seville for student groups

marzo 6, 2014

Seville, school trip

A good opportunity to know our culture, language and customs.


School trip in Seville for student groups

A very complete program with a cultural and educational activities. Excursion to Cordoba, Cadiz or Granada.

Gastronomy, flamenco music, nature, farmstead and olive mill that produces extra virgin olive oil…

An unforgettable experience!


Spain is different and the South of Spain is special!

Seville – Cordoba – Malaga

Medina Azahara in Cordoba

enero 14, 2014

The City of the Caliphs

The history of Medina Azahara, the magnificent, enigmatic city palace which was built for Abd-al Rahman III at the foot of the Sierra Morena mountains five miles from the city, is shrouded in myths and legends.

córdoba_medina azahara_galaIV (2)

The city was built on three terraces, surrounded by a city wall, with the Royal Castle situated on the highest and the middle levels. The lower level was reserved for living quarters and the Mosque, which was built outside the walls.

córdoba_medina azahara_galaIV  córdoba_medina azahara_galaV

According to popular belief, Abd al-Rahman III, after proclaiming himself Caliph in 929 A.D., after eight years in power, decide to build the city-palace in honour of his favourite, Azahara.

Spanish Courses Program for Teens

noviembre 6, 2013

Gala Internacional – Spanish Homestay Program

This program is ideal for young people.

Fuentes - Gala 2013

The young person takes an active part in the family´s daily life, just as if they were another member of the family

Sagrada - Gala 2013  Mercado - Gala 2013

Barcelona, November 2013

Barcelona – Cordoba – Madrid – Malaga – Seville

Séjours Linguistiques en Familles à Seville

marzo 25, 2013

Séjours Linguistiques en Familles à Seville

15 leçons de langue espagnole en groups réduits – Activités culturelles tous les après-midi – 1 excursion à Cordoue – Une soirée flamenco

Sevilla - Gala Groupe  Gala - Alcazar Sevilla Puente San Telmo - Gala

Gala Internacional – Mars 2013

Bowling – Triana – Les Arènes de la Maestranza –

Séjour Encadré 24h sur 24h par notre équipe d’animateurs

Alcazar Gala Monitor

Maria y yo – Encuentro con Miguel Gallardo

febrero 6, 2013

María y yo – Miguel Gallardo

Miguel Gallardo

Hace unos días tuvo lugar una charla entre estudiantes de una universidad norteamericana con el ilustrador Miguel Gallardo para comentar su genial y premiada novela gráfica María y yo en la ciudad de Barcelona.

Miguel Gallardo III   María y yo - Miguel Gallardo  Miguel Gallardo II

El encuentro se produjo después de la proyección del documental María y yo basado en dicha obra, donde las estudiantes hicieron preguntas a uno de nuestro grandes historietistas.

Carlos, responsable del viaje y profesor de español, ha realizado un completísimo e interesante programa de lecturas y visitas culturales durante tres semanas.

Ilustracion Miguel Gallardo

¡¡Ha sido un placer, como siempre, recibir a este grupo de estudiantes!!

Bodega in Jerez de la Frontera

noviembre 30, 2010

Bodegas Tradicion houses the permanent exibition from the Joaquin Picture Collection.


This is a unique opportunity while to get to know a bit more on the Spanish Art History, and to enjoy a superb gallery , all combined with the tasting of the oldest and most exclusive wines from Jerez.

The cellar is located in the historical neighbourhood of Jerez and it is a clear proof of the architectural trends of the 18th century.

A fantastic visit that we offers our students in Andalusia!

Student Groups Tours in Andalusia

noviembre 2, 2010

Seville – Cordoba – Malaga

Andalusia is home to the southern cities that have captivated writers, travellers and artists from all over the world and from every era thanks to the heritage of its melting pot of cultures, amongst other attractions.

There are so many options here: culture, art, sun, nightlife, flamenco and the vibrant street life and friendliness of its people.

Our Host Family’s Centres in Andalusia:

Cordoba – Seville –  Malaga