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School Integration Program in Spain

octubre 9, 2013

Total immersion in the local-culture and integration into the everyday life of young Spanish people

In Seville and Madrid with a mínimum 2 years of Spanish

From 3 weeks to 9 months

Merienda GALA

” I really recommend other students of my age to come to this school for the integration program. It felt like being at my own school in Ireland!

My Spanish classmates helped me a lot and they’ve become close friends. They’re coming to visit me at home next summer. It was great fun living like a Spanish teenager, and it’s always sunny here! “

Julia L. – Dublín – Sevilla


School Integration Program in Spain

noviembre 9, 2012

Gala Internacional: School Integration Program in Spain

This program gives students the opportunity to experience total immersion in the local culture – one the one hand because the student has the opportunity to live with a carefully-selected host family, and on the other because the student attends a school in the neighbourhood where the family lives.

This means that the students are rapidly integrated into the everyday life of young Spanish people of the same age. This language-oriented stay is completely attuned to the social, cultural and educational realities of the host country.


The program can be held during the school term: September – June in Seville and Madrid